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  Updated the video list.

  Also, I want to take a second to wish everyone the happiest of holidays and a great year to come in 2004. Thanks so much for stopping by here, and for keeping the *Nsync faith.

  Hooray for Christopher's 32nd birthday! That just doesn't seem possible, does it? Chris? 32? Nuh-uh. As my Chris-related birthday present to you all, I decided to upload a couple of media files which seem to me to represent the two sides of his personality. For the goofy, fun side, I give you the video of the 2001 Christmas Message that appeared (briefly) on the official website. It's manic Chris at his finest. But Chris also has a sweet side, and for that, I'm posting the audio file of "I Will", the song he did with David Foster last year. Just as an added bonus (and a reminder of how talented the birthday boy is), I dug up the audio file of the group's performance of "I Thought She Knew" on SNL in 2000. It's an old favorite of mine. So happy downloading, and send some good birthday vibes Chris's way!

  Please right-click and "save as" for these files, and please do not post the direct links anywhere else. Thanks.

  Christmas Message 2001 -- MPEG, 27.6Mb
  "I Will" -- MP3 file, 4.0Mb
  "I Thought She Knew (Live on SNL)" -- MP3 file, 3.0Mb

  Updated the video list.
  OK! After a little tussle with my computer, I have the mp3's of JC's interview here in Vegas last week. To the best of my knowledge, these are Picture On My Wall exclusives, so please direct people to this page if they want the goods. (That means please do NOT direct link these files anywhere.) It's really an adorable interview, and I'm happy to be able to share it. Right-click and Save As on the links:

  KLUC Interview, Part One -- MP3 file, 8.8Mb
  KLUC Interview, Part Two -- MP3 file, 7.1Mb
  Guess what? I met JC last week! He was in Las Vegas to do a mostly private show in honor of George Maloof's birthday. He appeared on the morning show of a radio station here (KLUC) and I went to the radio station to watch him do the interview. Afterward, he came outside and met the dozen or so fans who were waiting for him. I got a couple of good pictures of him and I got to shake his hand! It was great. Then that night, I got to go to the show that he did. He performed (with a full band and six dancers) "A.D.I.D.A.S.", "Build My World", "Some Girls", and a song which I don't know the name of. He was phenomenal. I'm more anxious than ever for his album to come out.

  I don't have the radio interview converted to mp3 yet, although I'm hoping to do that soon. When I get it, I'll post it. For now, here are the pictures from the station: Pic #1 and Pic #2. Enjoy!
08.08.03 -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JC!!
  It's JC's birthday! (I got the site back up just in time, huh? LOL.)  So I want to wish JC a very happy 27th birthday, as he rounds that corner from his mid-twenties to his late twenties. It's going to be quite a birthday celebration for him, with his first solo album just two months away. I couldn't be prouder. Now, JC, get your butt back in the studio and mix the sound for the Celebrity DVD.

  In honor of the day, I uploaded an old movie I found that was made by a fan. It's set to "Buddy Holly" by Weezer, and it's so cute. While I was digging through the archives, I came across "Rumpshaker", and I uploaded that, too. If you haven't seen that, you need to. It's hilarious. Please right-click and "save as" for these files, and please do not post the direct links anywhere else. Thanks.

Buddy Holly (4.1Mb, .avi file)
Rumpshaker (7.9Mb, RealPlayer file)

  Also, check out Candy's birthday tribute to JC... it's magnificent.
  Welcome to version 5.0!! It's been a while since I redesigned the site, so I decided that my change of webhosts was a good time to revamp. You'll find pretty much everything that was here before, with the exception of the CFTC III pictures, which I decided just weren't worth keeping online. However, I renamed a ton of files, so if you had a direct link to something, it may not work anymore. Navigation is over there to the left.

  As for the theme of this version, well... raise your hand if you're ready for the end of the hiatus. I know I am. I fully support all the guys' side projects and endeavors, but I just can't wait until all five of them are back together and working on their new album. And I want that Celebrity Tour DVD, dammit!

  In the meantime, enjoy the new look of the site. Don't forget to check out the photos, which have been completely reorganized into galleries. And don't forget to vote for Justin's "Cry Me A River" video for the Viewer's Choice Award at the VMA's. There's a little button over there on the left for you to click on, so you don't even have to go looking for the ballot.

  See you later, and thanks for stopping by!!


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