NSync Video List


(last updated 5/12/04)

I am not currently making tapes for other people.  However, I have decided to leave this list up and to try to keep it current.  I am doing this because other people's lists have been invaluable to me in letting me know what is out there.  Hopefully, my list can provide the same service to other people trying to put together their own video collections.

The list is broken down into sections.  Appearances are then listed in roughly chronological order within each section. To jump to a specific section, use these links:

US Talk Shows Canadian Television Mexican Television
US Awards Shows European Television Music Videos
US Commercials Japanese Television Home Videos
US Miscellaneous Brazilian Television MMC

US Television Appearances

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Talk Shows & Morning Shows

The RuPaul Show 6/6/98
Regis & Kathie Lee, 6/29/98
Tonight Show, 9/10/98
The View, 9/28/98
Tonight Show, 11/6/98
Ricki Lake, 11/13/98
Howie Mandel show, 11/17/98 CBS This Morning, 12/22/98 (MCHH with full choreography, but poor quality) 
Regis and Kathie Lee, 12/24/98
Rosie, 2/19/99 (GMHS and IWYB) (shaky quality)
Tonight Show, 4/12/99 
Oprah Mother’s Day, 5/7/99 Rosie in Orlando (plus with the roller coasters), 5/12/99
Chris on Peachtree Morning, 8/25/99
Rosie (1st hour-long ep), 11/26/99  
Rosie Christmas Special, 12/5/99  
Rosie Grammy show, 2/24/00 
Justin alone on Regis and Kathie Lee, 3/7/00  
Rosie, 3/10/00 (short appearance to meet a disabled girl)
Good Morning America, 3/13/00 (ITSK, BBB, TIPY)
Rosie (the one where they sing "Happy Birthday"), 3/20/00
Later Today, 3/29/00
The View, 3/30/00 
Tonight Show, 4/4/00
Donny and Marie, 4/27/00
Today Show 7/28/00
Good Morning America, 10/9/00 
Rosie, (second hour-long ep), 11/7/00 
Regis (co-hosting, full hour), 11/10/00
Queen Latifah, 11/14/00
Maury Povich, 11/28/00 (SO cute!) 
Tonight Show, 11/29/00
CBS Early Show, 11/30/00 (one of my fave interviews ever) 
Larry King Live, 1/9/01 
Jaywalking with Lance and Joey at the Superbowl, 1/30/01
The View, 3/7/01 (Chris)
The Early Show, 3/19/01 (Chris, JC, Justin)
Rosie, 6/5/01
Rosie, 6/7/01 (Lance and Meredith)
Regis and Kelly, 7/13/01
The View, 7/23/01
Tonight Show, 7/24/01 (portions of the "Pop" performance are missing)
The Today Show, 8/20/01
Oprah Winfrey Show (segment on Wade's great job)
Ananda Lewis Show, 10/8/01
Rosie, 10/9/01 (Lance and Joey)
Regis and Kelly, 10/10/01 (Lance)
Regis and Kelly, 10/12/01 (Joey)
The Daily Show (Lance)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien, 10/12/01 (Lance)
Later, 10/13/01 (Joey)
The View, 10/16/01 (Chris)
The View, 10/19/01 (Lance and Joey)
Good Morning America, 10/22/01 (Lance)
Regis and Kelly, 11/20/01
CBS Early Show, 11/23/01
Rosie - NSync or Swim, 4/11/02
CBS Early Show, 4/16 and 4/17/02
Later (Joey)
The View, 8/8/02 (Joey)
CBS Early Show, 8/22/02 (Joey)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien, 9/6/02 (Triumph talking to Joey and Justin)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien, 9/13/02 (Joey)
Caroline Rhea Show, 9/13/02 (Joey)
Tonight Show, 10/31/02 (Justin)
Wayne Brady, 11/07/02 (Joey)
Later, 11/07/02 (Joey)
Today Show, 11/08/02 (Justin)
Last Call, 11/15/02 (Justin)
Regis and Kelly, 12/11/02 (Justin)
Later, 4/02/03 (Joey)
Early Show, 05/28/03 (Lance)
Today Show, 06/09/03 (Joey)
The View, 06/09/03 (Joey)
Tonight Show, 06/19/03 (Justin)
Last Call, 06/21/03 (Joey)
Later, 06/25/03 (Joey)
Tom Green, 07/17/03 (Lance)
Wayne Brady (Justin)
Tom Green, 07/29/03 (JC)
Ellen DeGeneres, 09/09/03 (Justin)
Sharon Osbourne, 09/15/03 (Justin)
Sharon Osbourne, 09/17/03 (Lance)
Wayne Brady, 10/07/03 (Joey)
Sharon Osbourne, 11/14/03 (Lance)
Sharon Osbourne, 12/12/03 (Lance hosts)
Tonight Show, 02/17/04 (JC)
Ellen DeGeneres, 02/19/04 (JC)
Later, 02/20/04 (JC)
Ryan Seacrest, 02/24/04 (JC)
Sharon Osbourne, 02/27/04 (JC)
Wayne Brady, 04/22/04 (JC and Tony)


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Awards Shows

1998 Billboard Pre-Show, 12/7/98
1998 Billboard Awards, 12/7/98  
1999 American Music Awards, 1/11/99
1999 Kids Choice Awards, 5/1/99 
1999 MTV Movie Awards -- ARMAGEDD*NSYNC, 6/10/99
1999 Blockbuster Awards, 6/16/99
1999 Teen Choice Awards, 7/12/99 
1999 VMA Pre-Show 
1999 VMA performance, 9/9/99
Backstage Pass, 1999 CMA's
1999 Country Music Awards, 9/22/99
TRL News about Syncabama
1999 Radio Music Awards, 10/28/99
1999 Billboard Awards, 12/8/99
2000 American Music Awards, 1/17/00
TRL Grammys 2000, 2/23/00  
2000 Grammy Awards, 2/23/00 
2000 Academy Awards
2000 Kids’ Choice Awards, 4/25/00
Justin on TRL for Movie Awards (cornrows!!) 6/6/00 
2000 MTV Movie Awards, 6/8/00 
2000 Teen Choice Awards
Access Hollywood: VMA 2000 Rehearsal (not perfect quality)
2000 MTV Video Music Awards (missing 2nd and 3rd awards)
VMA 2000 Post-show 
VMA Performance Alternate Edit 
2000 Latin Grammys
2000 Radio Music Awards, 11/4/00
Lance on Country Music Awards 10/2000
2000 VH1 Awards, 11/30/00 
2000 Billboard Awards, 12/5/00
2000 Sports Illustrated Awards (Chris and Justin), 12/14/01
2001 People’s Choice Awards, 1/7/01 
2001 American Music Awards, 1/8/01
2001 Grammy Awards, 2/21/01 
MTV Grammy Pre-Show, 2/21/01 
VH1 Grammy Pre-Show, 2/21/01
E! Grammy Pre-Show, 2/21/01
Access Hollywood, 2/22/01
Entertainment Tonight, 2/22/01
2001 Blockbuster Awards, 4/11/01
Access Hollywood: Kids' Choice Awards, 4/20/01
2001 Kids' Choice Awards, 4/21/01 
Entertainment Tonight, Teen Choice Awards, 8/13/01
Access Hollywood, Teen Choice Awards, 8/13/01
2001 Teen Choice Awards, 8/20/01
2001 MTV Video Music Awards (including pre- and post-show), 9/6/01
Entertainment Tonight, VMA's, 9/7/01
Access Hollywood, VMA's, 9/7/01
2001 VMA alternate edit of "Pop" performance, 10/23/01
2001 Radio Music Awards, 10/26/01
2001 Billboard Awards, 12/4/01
Las Vegas Fox 5 News at the Billboard Awards
AH: Billboards
2002 American Music Awards, 1/09/02
2002 People's Choice Awards, 1/13/02
VH1 Grammy Pre-Show
MTV Grammy Pre-Show
E! Grammy Pre-Show
2002 Grammy Awards, 2/27/02
2002 Teen Choice Awards, 8/16/02
2002 VMA Pre-show, 8/29/02
2002 MTV Video Music Awards, 8/26/02
E! News Daily - VMA Wrap-up
ET: VMA 2002
Extra: VMA 2002
2002 Latin Grammy Awards (Justin), 9/18/02
2002 Billboard Awards Pre-show (Fox 5 Las Vegas), 12/9/02
2002 Billboard Awards, 12/9/02
ET: Billboard Awards, 12/10/02
AH: Billboard Awards, 12/10/02
People's Choice Pre-Show (Joey), 1/12/03
American Music Awards, 1/13/03
E! Grammy Pre-Show, 02/23/03
MTV Grammy Pre-Show, 02/23/03
2003 Grammy Awards, 02/23/03
VH1 Behind the Red Carpet, 02/24/03
MTV Grammy Hangover, 02/24/03
ET on MTV: Grammys, 02/24/03
2003 Soul Train Awards, 03/01/03 (Justin)
2003 Kids Choice Awards, 04/12/03 (Justin)
2003 MTV Movie Awards, 06/05/03 (Justin)
2003 Tony Awards, 06/08/03 (Joey)
2003 Teen Choice Awards, 08/06/03 (JC)
2003 Video Music Awards, 08/28/03 (Justin)
2003 Latin Grammy Awards, 09/03/03 (JC)
2003 GQ Men of the Year Awards, 10/21/03 (Justin)
AH GQ Awards, 10/22/03
2003 Radio Music Awards, 10/27/03 (JC, Justin)
E! Daily News (EMAs), 11/7/03
2003 European Music Awards, 11/15/03 (Justin)
2003 American Music Awards, 11/16/03 (Lance, JC, Justin)
2003 Billboard Awards, 12/10/03 (JC)
2004 People's Choice Awards, 01/11/04 (Lance)
E! Grammy Pre-Show, 02/08/04 (JC)
MTV Grammy Pre-Show, 02/08/04 (Justin)
2004 Grammy Awards, 02/08/04 (Justin and JC)

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Commercials for Disney Concert, Summer 1998
TGIF Commercials, Fall 1998
" Where Did You MMC Them First " Commercial 
RCA Commercial  
Cool Crap Auction Commercial
McDonald's Commercial (Spin the Bottle)
McDonald's Commercial (Performing with Britney)
McDonald's Commercial (Hair Salon)
Mickey Mouse commercials (all four)
Lifebeat PSA
MTV SuperBowl Halftime Commercial (bathroom), 1/01
MTV SuperBowl Halftime Commercial (pre-show movie), 1/01
Budweiser PSA, 1/28/01
TRL News about the Budweiser PSA  
Grammy Commercial, 1/28/01
PopOdyssey Tour 2001 Commercial, Kansas City
PopOdyssey Tour 2001 Commercial, Las Vegas
TeenNick promo
NBA Inside Stuff promo
On The Line trailers (Three of them)
Promo for Darrin Henson's home video
MTV Secret Santa Contest commercial
Chili's Commercials (all three)
Celebrity Tour 2002 commercial - Las Vegas show
Anti-Drug PSA (short version)
Fairly Oddparents
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Trailer
Justified Commercial
Drumline Trailer
Justified and Stripped Commercial
Justin and Christina Target Commercial
Justin Hosts SNL - Promos #1 and #2
Justin NBA Promo (Paul Pierce)
Live In London DVD Commercial
Justin NBA Promo (Western Conference Championship)
Justin NBA Promo (Shaq and Yao)

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Everything Else

Fox Family Pop Quiz (part of Fox Kids' Countdown)
BoxTalk '98 (IWYB)
BoxTalk '98 (IWYB w/ Basketball)
NSync In Concert on the Disney Channel, 7/18/98
FANatic #1, 7/21/98
NBA Inside Stuff #1, 8/8/98 (poor quality)
NBA Inside Stuff #2, 8/98 (poor quality)
1998 Miss Teen USA 
TGIF Premiere Party
NSync TV, 9/28/98 (quality a little shaky)
MTV News 1515 at Johnny Wright’s house
Rock-N-Jock Warm-Up, 10/17/98
Rock-N-Jock Basketball, 10/17/98 
TRL Premiere of GMHS, 11/98
1998 Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, 11/26/98 
House of Style, 12/98
Disney Christmas Special, 1998
Kathie Lee Christmas, 12/11/98
TRL Christmas, 12/17/98  
Very Merry Christmas Parade 1998
Before They Were Stars (multiple shows edited together)
JC and Justin singing MMC theme on MTV
Longshot (just the guys' parts)
*NSYNC Top 40 Videos, 1/9/99  (can be with or without the actual videos)
E! Wild on the Vegas Strip, 1/30/99
ProBowl performance, 2/7/99   
Loveline, 2/10/99  
Sabrina, 2/26/99 
Clueless, 3/2/99
Fashionably Loud Spring Break, 3/99
NSync's Fab Five Videos, 3/99     
GMHS Retirement, 3/17/99 
FANatic #2, 3/31/99  
VH1 Road to Fame 
Phantom Menace premiere, 5/20/99 
21 Hottest Under 21, 5/21/99 
ABC Summer Jam, 6/18/99 
Tarzan in concert, 6/19/99 
IDMC retirement on TRL
All Access, 7/20/99
Miss Teen USA 1999 (plus backstage news show footage)  
MTV News 1515 - After CFTC I
Summer Music Mania, 8/31/99 (IWYB, IDMC, and TUMH, plus interviews by Melissa Joan Hart) 
And the Nominees Are…  News 1515 from NSync Party, 9/10/99
NSync N Concert (PPV version), 9/11/99
NSync N Concert (Family Channel version), 9/11/99
Here We Go (NSync N Concert Preshow), 9/11/99  
60 Minutes II, 9/28/99
Justin at the White House, 10/99 
VH1’s Concert of the Century, 10/23/99
TRL with Chris and Joey hosting, 10/25/99
Say What? Karaoke finals, 10/30/99
Tom Green Show, 11/11/99  
TRL Retirement of MOMH  
Touched By An Angel, 11/14/99
Celine Dion Special, 11/24/99   
Chris on The List, 12/1/99 
Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center, 12/1/99   
Big Help-a-thon, 12/11/99
E! - Home for the Holidays/JC's adoption (not great quality)
A Home For the Holidays, 12/23/99  
Red Cross performance, 12/24/99 
Very Merry Christmas Parade, 12/25/99 
ABC NYE 1999 (IWYB)    
E! Tribute to Gloria Estefan  
20/20 Downtown, 1/6/00
World Premiere of BBB, 1/00   
Making the Video – BBB, Version One, 1/24/00
Making The Video – BBB, Version Two, 1/24/00 
ET- BBB footage  
VH1 Don’t Quote Me: BBB
Video Feuds 
TRL Superbowl, 1/30/00    
Lance on 7th Heaven, 1/31/00  
CourtTV – discussion of lawsuit, short clip of Justin talking
Undercover: NRoute to NSync, 2/5/00 
TRL -- Snowed In, 2/5/00  
Snowed In – Celebrity Date, 2/5/00 
Pokemon 2000 Special  
SNICK House, 3/4/00 
Slime Time Live, 3/00 (Chris)
TRL, 3/8/00  
NSync@MTV , 3/8/00   
SNL, 3/11/00  
Model Behavior, 3/12/00 
Nobody’s Angel Video from Model Behavior 
Ultrasound, 3/18/00 
NSync Live, 3/18/00
Jive Press Kit for NSA (includes some interviews seen elsewhere, but also some new stuff) 
TRL -- Release of "No Strings Attached", 3/21/00 
All That on Nickelodeon, 3/25/00
NSync Spring Break Dedications, 3/25/00  
MTV News, NSA Breaks the Record
Making the Video – IGBM, 4/25/00 
TRL Retirement of BBB (partial), 4/27/00 
AH – Cannes
Lance on Millionaire, 5/4/00 
Sesame Street, 5/9/00  
AH - Justin returns to his elementary school  
25 Hottest Under 25, 5/26/00 
TRL Superstars  
Making the Tour – NSA (televised version) 
ET For MTV All Access and Making The Tour 
Chris on Politically Incorrect, 6/16/00  
Madison Square Garden PreShow, 7/27/00  
Madison Square Garden concert, 7/27/00 
Access Hollywood: CFTC II Highlights
McDonald’s Video, full version, Summer 2000  
Lance on TRL for FreeLance, 8/17/00
Lance on TRL for FreeLance, 8/18/00
FreeLance Entertainment Showcase Finals, 8/18/00
TRL Retirement of IGBM, 8/23/00
ET -- Lance at Sundance
Lance on Live With Emeril
Lance on WLBT in Mississippi
Chris on Hollywood Squares
Summer Music Mania 2000 (BBB and TIPY)    
Road Trip to Music Mania (IGBM)   
NSync’s Greatest MTV Moments TRL 10/18/00  
World Series, 10/24/00   
TIPY Premiere on TRL, 10/26/00  
TRL News - Bloomingdales Christmas Ornament, 11/10/00 
100 Greatest Pop Songs, 11/24/00   
Fox Christmas Special, 11/30/00  
Access Hollywood: Making the Fox Christmas Special   
TRL -- Chris on the phone, 12/1/00    
TRL -- Lance's Roseland Party, 12/28/00   
Ricky Martin Superbowl Special, 1/27/01 
CNN WorldBeat, 1/28/01 
SuperBowl Halftime, 1/28/01   
Making of the Superbowl Halftime Show, 1/28/01  
Making The Tour, packaged version
TRL retirement of TIPY, 2/6/01
VH1 All Access: Money, Music, Power, 2/22/01
Fox Family Total Access 24/7, 2/24/01  
The Simpsons, 2/25/01    
VH1 Record Breakers, 3/12/01 
MTVicon Tribute to Janet Jackson, 3/13/01     
TRL, 3/19/01 (Planet Hollywood T-Shirt)     
Rock-and-Roll Hall Of Fame (inducting Michael Jackson), 3/21/01
Jive Press Kit for Bigger Than Live (quality shaky)
25 Hottest Under 25 2001, 4/9/01 
TRL Superstars: Debuts and Demo Tapes, 4/14/01 
TRL @ Your House, 4/14/01
TRL -- Guys live from New Orleans rehearsals, 5/10/01
TRL -- First airing of "Pop" rehearsal footage, 5/11/01 
TRL -- Second airing of "Pop" rehearsal footage, 5/17/01
MAD TV, 5/19/01 (Chris)
TRL Retirement Home, 5/26/01
Making the Video -- Pop, 5/28/01
TRL -- Premiere of Pop video, 5/29/01
BET's 106 & Park, 6/21/01
VH1's What's My 20? -- Visionary Videos
MTV 20 -- Talk About Pop Music
NSync Road to Celebrity
TRL -- Release of Celebrity, 7/24/01
AH -- CFTC III, Part One
AH -- CFTC III, Part Two
Justin on The Wayne Brady Show
TRL -- Justin introduces Christina Milian's new video, 8/27/01
TRL -- Retirement of Pop, 8/30/01
Diary of Britney Spears (just NSync parts), 9/1/01
Lance and Justin at the U.S. Open
TRL -- VMA Preview, 9/5/01
TRL -- VMA Preview, 9/6/01
TRL -- Joey and Justin on the phone discussing the attack on America, 9/14/01
Slime Time Live, 9/20/01 (Lance and Meredith)
TRL News -- On The Line Soundtrack, 9/24/01
Crossover (Documentary, features Lance and Joey)
TRL -- World Premiere of Gone, 9/26/01
Roadie Chefs II
Making The Video - On The Line
TRL -- Lance and Joey, 10/9/01
TRL -- JC talking about UWS benefit, 10/10/01
ET -- On The Line premiere, 10/10/01
ET -- Lance and Laura, 10/11/01
"Pop" choreography done by Sean Hayes on Will & Grace 
TRL -- Chris with FuMan fashions, 10/15/01
Slime Time Live -- Lance, Joey and Emmanuelle, 10/19/01
MAD TV -- Lance and Joey, 10/20/01
TeenNick, 10/21/01
TRL -- Lance and Joey, 10/22/01
TRL -- JC's Top Ten, 10/24/01
Total Access 24/7 -- On The Line, 10/25/01
NBA Inside Stuff at CFTC III
TRL -- Premiere of Jake Scott's "What's Going On" video, and Chris's Top Ten, 11/1/01
United We Stand finale, 11/1/01
Total Britney Live (just the NSync parts), 11/3/01
Michael Jackson Tribute Show, 11/13/01
TRL - whole group in the studio, 11/20/01
BET's 106 & Park, 11/21/01
Atlantis Concert PreShow, 11/23/01
Atlantis Concert, 11/23/01
Atlantis Satellite Media Feed
NFL Under the Helmet, 11/24/01
Fake ID Club 2001, 11/24/01
21 Hottest Videos Under 21, 11/24/01
MTV New Year's Eve - Premiere of Girlfriend, 12/31/01
TRL - Justin and Elton John, 1/11/02
TRL News - Lance carrying the Olympic torch, 1/16/02
Muhammad Ali's 60th Birthday Celebration, 1/16/02
Bob Hope Chrysler Classic (Justin golfing, all three days)
E! News Daily - Chili's commercials
TRL News - Chili's commercials
Becoming - NSync, 1/19/02
BET's 106 & Park - Premiere of Girlfriend, 1/30/02
Fake ID Club, Jr., 02/02/02
SNL (Justin with Britney for her opening monologue), 02/02/02
MTV Rock-N-Jock (Chris), 02/09/02
NBA AllStar Weekend game (Justin), 02/09/02
Olympics Concert (NBC), 02/23/02
Olympics Closing Ceremony, 02/24/02
Inside Edition after Closing Ceremony, 02/25/02
Fairly Oddparents #1, "The Boys In The Band" (Chris), 03/01/02
TRL - Premiere of Girlfriend Remix, 3/12/02
TRL News - Joey talking about rumors, 03/19/02
Fancy Anvil Awards (Chris), 03/24/02
ABC News - Lance going to space, 03/26/02
TRL - Premiere of Moby's We Are All Made of Stars f. JC, 04/05/02
TRL News - Lance in space, 04/09/02
E! News Daily - Lance at Sweetest Thing Premiere, 04/09/02
ET - Lance at Sweetest Thing Premiere, 04/09/02
Extra! - Justin and Jenna; Lance at Sweetest Thing Premiere, 04/09/02
TRL - Joey, 04/17/02
American Bandstand special, 05/03/02
TRL - Joey at Star Wars premiere, 05/16/02
48 Hours (Justin)
TRL - Justin, 06/12/02
Summer Music Mania, 06/20/02
ET on MTV, 06/22/02
VH1's 25 Sexiest Artists, 07/01/02
Driven, 7/9/02
TRL - Joey, 7/10/02
TRL - Premiere of Good Charlotte video featuring Chris, 8/20/02
E! News Daily, 8/22/02 (Joey)
Miss Teen USA 2002 (Chris hosting)
Diary: VMA Superstars (Justin)
TRL - VMA Preview (Justin), 8/29/02
E! News Daily, 8/29/02 (Joey's Rent Premiere)
NFL Kickoff Special (Joey)
TRL - Joey, 9/9/02
Making the Video - Like I Love You (Justin)
TRL - Premiere of LILY, 9/10/02
TRL - Justin on the phone, 9/16/02
TRL - Justin, 9/23/02
BET's NYLA - CFTC IV coverage, 9/23/02
106 & Park's 500th Episode (Justin), 9/24/02
106 & Park (Justin), 9/25/02
What I Like About You (JC), 9/26/02
The Wrap, 9/27/02
Secrets of the Bellagio (Lance), 9/27/02
Becoming #2
Saturday Night Live (Matt Damon dance-off skit), 10/5/02
The Best Damn Sports Show, Period (Chris), 10/8/02
TRL 1000 (JC), 10/23/02
BET Stevie Wonder Tribute (Justin), 10/29/02
The Hook-Up (Justin), 11/02/02
20/20 (Justin), 11/04/02
TRL - Justin in Times Square, 11/05/02
106 & Park (Justin), 11/07/02
AH - Justin, 11/08/02
albumLaunch (Justified), 11/09/02
NYLA - Justified release, 11/12/02
VH1's Most Eligible Bachelors (Justin), 11/12/02
VH1's 100 Greatest Love Songs (TIPY), 11/12/02
AH - BMU Video Shoot, 11/20/02
All That (Justin), 11/23/02
TRL - LILY retirement, 11/25/02
TRL - CMAR premiere, 11/26/02
CBS Thanksgiving Day Special (Joey), 11/28/02
VH1 All Access: All Grown Up (Justin), 12/09/02
NYLA - BMU Video Shoot, 12/10/02
TRL - BMU Premiere, 12/12/02
TRL - Justin stops by, 12/13/02
AH - Wax Museum/Chris in Jamaica, 12/13/02
ET - Jingle Ball LA, 12/20/02
MTV's Top Moments of 2002, 12/28/02
MTV News Rewind 2002 - Lance in Space, 12/28/02
Top 50 Videos of 2002, 12/28/02
ET - Justin's RS Shoot, 12/3/02
VH1 Pop-Up Videos Best of 2002, 12/31/02
EA Madden Sweat (Chris and Lance)
VH1 Celebrity Break-ups, 01/06/03
E! Grammy Nominations, 01/07/03
VH1 Goes Inside the AMAs, 01/08/03
Star Search (Lance judging), 01/15/03
AH - Work It Video Shoot, 01/22/03
AH - Justin's birthday party, 02/04/03
NBA Read to Achieve (Justin), 02/08/03 Making the Video - Rock Your Body, 02/20/03
Clive Davis Grammy Pre-party (Justin), 02/22/03
My Big Fat Greek Life, 03/02/03
Pop-Up Video (CMAR), 03/07/03
Punk'd #1 (Ashton gets Justin), 03/17/03
Turnstyle (Justin), 03/18/03
Celine Dion in Vegas (Justin), 03/25/03
Punk'd #2 (Justin gets Kelly), 04/07/03
Greetings from Tucson, 04/11/03
Pet Psychic (Lance), 04/21/03
Love Chain: Britney and Justin, 04/21/03
MTV 25 Greatest Video Stars, 04/29/03
2003 25 Hottest Under 25, 05/02/03
Fairly Oddparents #2 - "Shiny Teeth"
MTV Movie House: The Matrix, 05/08/03
Dateline - Justin and Christina, 05/18/03
Summer Music Mania 2003
Fame premiere, 05/28/03
MTV's Big Urban Myth Show (the Star Wars controversy)
E! News Daily, 05/29/03 (Joey)
E! News Daily, 06/03/03 (Justin and Christina)
TRL - Justin and Christina, 06/04/03 
MTV Movie House: Charlie's Angels (JC), 06/19/03
Animation Behaving Badly (i.e. Lance and the bodyshots), 06/23/03
AH: Lance and CFTC V, 06/25/03
Making the Tour: Justified and Stripped, 06/27/03
MTV Bash: Carson Daly (Justin), 07/13/03
TRL - Senorita premiere, 07/21/03
Before They Were Rock Stars (Justin), 07/23/03
200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons (Justin), 07/23/03
TRL - I'm Loving It premiere, 09/03/03
E! Celebrities Uncensored, 10/1/03 (Joey)
Wade Robson Project, 10/10/03 (JC appears)
Extra! - Justin preparing for SNL, 10/10/03
Saturday Night Live (Justin hosts), 10/11/03
Wade Robson Project, 10/13/03 (JC performs)
ET on MTV - Justin/SNL, 10/18/03
TEENick, 10/19/03 (JC hosts)
E! News Daily, 10/20/03 (Jamaica golf tourney)
TRL - Justin hosts, 10/21/03
AH - Jamaica golf/Chris's birthday, 10/22/03
AH - Justin/Cameron, "Some Girls" videoshoot, 10/29/03
AH - Justin wins Best Butt, 11/9/03
Fairly Oddparents #3, "Chip Off The Old Chip", 11/21/03
AH - Justin in Memphis, 11/28/03
Justin Timberlake: Down Home In Memphis, 11/28/03
The Fabulous Life of Justin Timberlake, 12/4/03
ABC's The Thrill of Victory 2003 (Justin hosts), 12/7/03
Playboy's 50th Anniversary Special (Joey, Lance), 12/7/03
The Osbournes Christmas Special (JC), 12/11/03
TRL - JC premieres Some Girls video, 12/12/03
E! Entertainers of the Year (Justin), 12/15/03
Walt Disney Christmas Parade (Lance), 12/25/03
Superbowl XXXVIII Halftime (Justin), 02/01/04
AH - JC Pro Bowl snub, 02/05/04
E! Christina Aguilera special (Justin), 02/08/04
TRL News - JC Pro Bowl snub, 02/17/04
ET on VH1 - JC, 02/21/04
TRL - JC Schizophrenic release, 02/23/04
MAD TV (JC), 03/20/04
E! True Hollywood Story - NSync, 03/28/04
Kimpossible (Joey and Lance), 04/02/04
Best Damn Sports Show, Period (JC), 04/22/04
Top 25 Under 25 2004 (Justin), 05/10/04

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Canadian Television

MuchMusic and Red Hot Much, 4/16/98
Electric Circus
La Ruche, 4/98  (shaky quality)
Musique Plus, 4/98 (shaky quality)
YTV Hitlist -- Bumper Cars, 5/9/98 (shaky quality)
The Zone, 7/98 
Hitlist Clip
Ice Palace Interview
YTV Hitlist (Justin), 11/5/99
YTV Hitlist (Justin), 11/12/99
MuchMusic NHL AllStar special with Chris, 2/5/00  
Canadian Press Conference 3/22/00 
NSync at MuchMusic, 3/22/00 (hour-long special)  
Egos And Icons, 4/27/00 
Much Music Video Awards 2000
MuchMusic backstage at NSA Toronto show, 11/00
Rick Rocks Rio, 2/10/01
Juno Awards
Famous Homes (Chris's FuMan office)
FuMan Skeeto Special
FAX Clips -- Lance talks about On The Line
Much Moves In -- Chris helps christen the new environment 
Much Music On Set With... NSync, 5/16/01
Much Music Countdown to NSync, 6/20/01
NSync Live @ Much, 6/20/01
Concert at the 2002 Winter Olympics (full show), 02/23/02
Egos and Icons, 06/06/02
Much Spotlight (Justin), 10/29/02

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European Television

Basketball Game vs. Backstreet Boys in Germany
BoxTalk '97 (TUMH) 
National Lottery '97 (grainy)
PepsiPop '97
Sky One '97 (grainy)
The Dance (shaky quality)
"We Are NSync" German Video  
SuperBravo ’98 with BeeGees Medley  Making of UDMC video
Trouble '99
Assorted German TV appearances from April 2000:  
Top of the Pops
Bravo TV (interview, photo shoot)
World of Beat
Awards Show of some sort
Interaktiv talk show
Johnny Vaughn Show (Justin)
Top Of The Pops (LILY), 10/16/02
Top Of The Pops (CMAR), 02/21/03
Top Of The Pops (Work It), 03/12/03

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Japanese Television

Very Rare Footage from NSync's whirlwind trip to Japan, 3/00:

Interview on Japanese television, 8/26/00 (this might be the funniest one I've *ever* seen)

Brazilian Television

Rock In Rio show, 1/18/01 (professionally filmed, excellent quality... this is the entire NSA show)

Mexican Television

Footage from two PopOdyssey press conferences -  San Antonio and Mexico City
Otro Rollo

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Music Videos

"I Want You Back", European Version
"Lion Sleeps Tonight"
"Here We Go"
"Here We Go", A Bug's Life version
"Together Again", Christmas version
"Together Again", photo album version
"Children Need A Helping Hand"
"Let the Music Heal Your Soul"
"Everytime" (Tatyana Ali f. NSync)
"I Want You Back", U.S. version
"I Want You Back", Big Red MegaMix
"Tearin’ Up My Heart"
"For the Girl Who Has Everything"
"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"
"I Drive Myself Crazy"
"Thinking of You" (European version of IDMC where JC sings Chris's solo)
"U Drive Me Crazy"
"(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You"
"Music Of My Heart"
"Bye Bye Bye"
"It’s Gonna Be Me"
"This I Promise You"
"I'll Never Stop"
"That’s The Way Love Goes"
"What's Goin' On?" (MTV version, with studio shots)
"What's Goin' On?" (Jake Scott version, with blindfolds)
"This Train Don't Stop There Anymore" (Elton John video starring Justin)
"Girlfriend" Remix f. Nelly
"We Are All Made of Stars" (Moby f. JC)
"Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous" (Good Charlotte f. Chris)
"Like I Love You" (Justin)
"Cry Me A River" (Justin)
"Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)" (JC)
"Rock Your Body" (Justin)
"Senorita" (Justin)
"I'm Loving It" (Justin)
"Some Girls (Dance With Women)" (JC)

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Home Videos

JC's dance recital, about age 13
Justin filming Joey at Universal   
1st concert at Pleasure Island, 10/22/95 (includes JC signing autographs)
Chris singing with the Hollywood Hightones at Universal   
Joey in the Beetlejuice Review at Universal  
Showcase at Dr. Phillips High 
For The Girl European Tour home video
Montreal radio station interview home video (2 versions)    
Montreal autograph signing and hotel footage    
Transcon Studios parking lot home video 
BeeGees Medley performance (wearing Detroit Red Wings jerseys)    
BeeGees Medley performance (wearing Sgt. Pepper outfits)  
Swedish home video of an interview 
Filming a TV show at a carnival (Justin with his broken thumb)
Home Video of two songs not shown on Disney concert special -- IDMC and TLST, 7/18/98 (shaky quality)
Home Video PreShow Footage (Jacksonville)    
Handprint ceremony at DisneyWorld (not great quality)   
Top 40 Videos Uncut, 1/99   
Mall of America appearance, 5/6/99
Afterparty at a Carnival, 5/7/99 (the video on this is very dark, audio is ok)
Orlando airport home video
Home video of backstage at ABC Summer Jam, 5/12/99
Afterparty in Ft. Lauderdale without Lance (video is pretty dark, audio is ok)
Sweetstock II, 5/29/99
Women's World Cup Soccer performance, 6/19/99
CFTC I home video (not great quality)  
Phat Videos Uncut (hysterical interview with a local cable person)
Cincinnati concert home video 
Kenosha Softball Game, 8/8/99
Chris in parade in Clarion, PA, 10/2/99
Home Video footage of Christmas Parade/NYE special, 11/1-2/99 
Home Video of Justin beatbox solo (before NSA tour)
World AIDS day show, 12/1/99 (tape a bit jumpy)
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now show, Hawaii, 12/31/99  
TRL Superbowl taping
Joey and Steve at NY airport
Lance's press conference at Planet Hollywood (video only, no audio)
Wango Tango, 5/13/00 (2 versions, both have ok video, but no consistent audio)
No Strings Attached Tour:

New Orleans hotel footage (amusing, especially if you're a Joey/Steve fan)    
Home Video of CFTC II
At Bloomingdale's to dedicate Christmas ornament, 11/10/00
PopOdyssey Tour:

CFTC III Skills Challenge (partial)
Miami Benefit Concert, 11/01
Celebrity Tour:

Heroes Baseball Game, 06/15/02 (Chris)
CFTC IV Basketball Game (partial)
Rent (Joey), 8/10/02

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6 hours worth of MMC featuring JC and Justin (quality is a little shaky)
5+ hours of episodes of "Emerald Cove" featuring JC (can no longer be copied due to quality issues)
2 Commercials for "Emerald Cove"
Home Video of MMC in Concert (partial) and Justin in the stands
Home Video of MMC Softball game
MMC Cast Reel from 1991
Excerpts from Seasons Five and Six
MMC in Concert
Complete Season Seven


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My Wishlist

Any home video footage of the NSA St. Louis shows from 11/00
CNN Showbiz Today with Chris and Joey
E! Oscar Review 2000
Much Music Summer Concert Special 1999
Shaw Cable Special, 4/24/98
Much Music Fax, 7/16/98
First Ricki Lake Appearance, 3/31/98
Canadian YTV Hitlist Appearances for the following dates:
      12/5/98, 5/12/00, 6/00, 9/8/00, 12/1/00, 5/18/01, and 5/25/01!!



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