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This is a sort of catch-all place where I will store things from the past history of this site, including updates and old screen shots.  So here goes:

2001 Updates Page

2002 Updates Page (through September)

2003 Updates Page (August through December)

Shots of the layout, v. 3.0 (Corkboard):

cork layout index    cork layout welcome    cork layout fanfic    cork layout vegas pics

Shots of the layout, v. 4.0 (Old Skool):

oldskoolsplash.jpg (38928 bytes)    oldskoolwelcome.jpg (68270 bytes)    oldskoolfanfic.jpg (64984 bytes)    oldskoolpics.jpg (51568 bytes)

Shots of some of the special occasion pages:

joeyrent.jpg (68489 bytes)    jcbday02.jpg (93451 bytes)    chrisbday.jpg (25982 bytes)    aquarians.jpg (64143 bytes)    lancebdaypage.jpg (18165 bytes)


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