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06.18.05 -- A really, really cool project.
  A very cool group of people has started a project to place an ad in Billboard in October to celebrate *Nsync's 10th anniversary. I'm donating, and I hope you will, too. All the details can be found at their website.
    Let's celebrate ten amazing years in style!
02.27.05 -- Long time, no update.
  Well. It's obviously been a very long time since I updated. I owe 2004-2005 birthday wishes to all five guys. So happy birthday, guys!

  The lack of updates is a combination of the seemingly endless hiatus and my own busy life. I don't know whether I'll find the time to continue working on my fanfiction or make any more wallpapers. But in the meantime, this site isn't going anywhere, either. In fact, this update was motivated by the fact that I just moved it to a new server. I have every intention of leaving my pictures and stories up indefinitely.

  I hope everyone out there is well. Keep the faith... maybe they'll finally "bring the beat back" one of these days.

  A new year is upon us! First of all, big birthday wishes go out to Joey, who's turning 27, and Justin, who, insanely, will now be 23. Doesn't seem possible, does it? Time flies.

  Since it is a new year, I've started a fresh updates page. If you're looking for the updates from the latter part of 2003, they can be found on the Archives page.

  Meanwhile, I made a little retrospective to commemorate the year 2003 in the world of *Nsync. It's a songvid, set to the song "Seasons of Love" from the musical Rent. I hope it brings a moment of joy to you the way it does to me. Please right-click and save as, and please don't direct-link the file anywhere else. Thanks.

525,600 Minutes -- mpeg, 83.1Mb


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